Gold Rush Twilight ~ Limited Edition Print 

Gold Rush Twilight by Christopher Blossom
Edition Size:  450 s/n 
Image Size: 29 1/2" w X 14" h 
Asking Price: CDN: $290.00 
"Bargemen, watermen and deck hands alike make ready for nightfall as cabin lanterns and anchor lights wink across the harbor.  The Cohota, newly arrived from Boston, rides at anchor with wet sails drying the the Pacific breeze wafting across Yerba Buena cove.  To the northwest, the sun slips silently behind Telegraph Hill, enfolding the infant city of San francisco in a gold rush twilight."
Special Remarque Edition, 100 signed by the artist, consecutively numbered and accompanied by a hand-drawn graphite sketch by the artist, numbered to match the print.  $585.00 CDN
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