Scott Gustafson

Little Miss Muffet ~ Limited Edition Print 
Little Miss Muffet
Edition Size:  950 s/n 
Image Size: 14 1/4"w x 17"h
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Little Miss Muffet
 There are so many light and interesting touches in this beautifully colored and bordered work. She sits in a formal garden of the 18th century, next to her faithful King Charles Spaniel. A suave little spider has come to "sit down beside her"óbut perhaps this Miss Muffet will not be frightened away. Scott says: "The sheet music at her feet is a Tarantella, a popular dance of the period that, according to folklore, when danced wards off the effects of the venomous bite of a tarantula. Whether or not that's true I don't know, but it was a nice musical tie-in to the spidery theme I was painting."
Published from the artist's original oil painting 
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