Robert Bateman

Endangered Spaces ~ Limited Edition Print and Premier Edition Print with original lithograph

Edition Size: s/n limited edition print,
Premier Edition Size: 850 s/n limited edition print,
Limited Image Size: 19 1/4 X 28 7/8"
Original lithograph Image Size: 3 X 9 1/8"



" The loss of habitat, the extinction of species - these are happening at an incredibly alarming rate. The reason is that we planned a world that is wonderful and convenient, but one that is also very demanding on the resources of the earth. We have developed a lifestyle that has so much packaging, plastic and chemical dependency that it is all very convenient and nice - and it's killing us. We have to treat preservation as a high priority - Robert Bateman"
Call: Vivian 1 613 403-1958 or you may e-mail Vivian at

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