Master of the Herd - African Buffalo by Robert Bateman, limited edition print
Master of the Herd - African Buffalo
Private Sale
Limited Edition Print
by artist Robert Bateman
Edition Size: 950
Image Size: 22 5/8 X 31 1/2"
Print: Conservation Framing.
Call: Philip ~ 1-905-627-4466
Fax - 1-905-522-1277
e-mail: ~
$3500.00 Canadian
Print: Conservation framed. Wood frame.
Asking $2700. US
Call - 1-501-495-3200
 "The African buffalo is perhaps the most exciting member of the bovine family.  He is sometimes mistakenly called the water buffalo, but he is a far cry from that rather slovenly domestic beast of Asia.  The African buffalo is more like a wild, free, fighting bull on a much more massive scale.  He is considered by most expert hunters as the most dangerous quarry in Africa."Robert Bateman

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