Robert Bateman

Whistling Swan ~ Limited Edition Print

Edition Size: 1950 s/n limited edition print,
Limited Image Size: 23 X 30 5/8"

Price: Please e-mail for pricing

"One of my most exciting memories form my early days as a naturalist was the occasion of a trip to Lake Erie to see the whistling swan migration. In those days they were called whistling swans but since that time, their name has been changed to the more appropriate tundra swan.
The Goal is to be at the Long Point marches at about dawn to witness the swans taking off from their roosting place far out in the marsh to continue their migration to their arctic breeding grounds. This meant getting up in what seemed to me to be the middle of the night in Toronto and driving to Lake Erie in the dark. When we arrived, we found to our dismay that the area was blanketed in thick fog.
We stood on the damp, chilly, gray dawn hoping to see or hear something. It was March, so there were patches of snow on the ground, and the gnarled willow branched were black and bare. An occasional red-winged blackbird was making an early attempt at his spring song. Then we heard it - a distant yodelling bugle - the there were more. As we stood breathlessly listening, the chorus grew in volume and proximity. Suddenly they were there - great silvery shaped coming out of the mist and passing remarkably low over our heads. Hundreds of them came yodelling to each other as they went like some mighty air force squadrnm bent on a determined mission. I was never able to repeat that memorable moment although I went back many times during the right season." - Robert Bateman
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