Robert Bateman

Winter Filigree - Giant Panda ~ Limited Edition Print (Jpeg is has a pink line which is not part of the painting - just the scanning)

Edition Size: 9600 s/n
Image Size: 20 1/2 X 30 3/4"
Asking Price: $430.00
"A few years ago, we were permitted to visit the panda reserve at Wolong in the Szechwan Province of China. The wonderful, rare and elusive giant panda is a suitable symbol for the World Wildlife Fund. Habitat destruction due to logging and agriculture is the major threat. And poaching may be the last stray. This sums up the plight of our entire natural heritage. At the reserve, huge, old-growth trees were covered with the freshly fallen snow of the previous night. one tree in particular caught my eye. Every delicate strand had captured snowflakes and hoarfrost. It seemed an appropriate setting with its delicacy and drama for the symbol of our fragile web of life and the giant panda." Robert Bateman
Call: Vivian 1 613 403-1958 or you may e-mail Hollie at

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