Arctic Cliff - White Wolves by Robert Bateman, limited editions
Woodland Drummer - Ruffed Grouse

Private Sale
Original Acrylic on Board
by artist Robert Bateman
Image Size: 12 X 24"
Framed Size: 31 X 19 "
Original Oil: Beautifully Framed
Asking Price:  $34,500.00 US.   Call: Doug 1 905 878-9093

Limited Edition Print:

Image Size: 14 X 24"
Asking Price: $225.00 US.
Call: 1 905 878-9093

 "During the spring and early summer in forests of much of North America, you might hear a low, patterned thumping. It starts as a steady, strong, slow beat and gradually gets faster, ending in a whir: it is the territorial drumming of the ruffed grouse."  Robert Bateman

Listed below are Exhibitions & Shows Woodland Drummer - ruffed Grouse has been in since 1983 to the present.

  • The California Academy of Science San Francisco U.S.A October 15th 1983 to January 15th 1984
  • The Museum of Science & Natural History St. Louis MO. U.S.A. February 10th 1984 to August 26th 1984
  • The Cleveland Museum of Natural History Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. May 4th 1984 to August 26th 1984
  • The Cincinnati Museum of Natural History Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A. March 26th 1985 to May 19th 1985
  • The Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville South Carolina U.S.A. March 26th 1985 to May 19th 1985
  • National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. U.S.A. A Major Retrospective Exhibition Entitled Portraits of Nature: Paintings By Robert Bateman January 17th 1987 to May 17th 1987. Illustrated #10 pg. 82 colour, pg. 47 Black and White
  • Art Gallery of Algoma Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. Robert Bateman - "Survey of Original Paintings" September 25th 1997 to November 2nd 1997

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Description: artist Robert Bateman, Arctic Cliff White wolves, aqua, white, cool, gray, wildlife, limited editions, arctic wolves, wolves, wolf