Daniel Smith
     Daniel Smith, one of America's foremost
     wildlife artists, enjoys wide acclaim for his
     conservation stamp artwork. After winning
     the first Minnesota Pheasant Stamp
     Competition in 1983, Smith, who had been
     working as a commercial artist, was able to
     begin painting full time. The detail and
     scientific accuracy of Smith's work quickly
     brought him attention. His talent caught the
     eyes of organizations such as the National
     Geographic Society, who commissioned him
     to paint five color plates for The Field Guide
     to the Birds of North America, and the prestigious "Birds in Art"
     exhibition sponsored by the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.
     His reputation for excellence has made him a favorite of collectors of
     original paintings as well. 

     Smith won the 1988-89 Federal Duck Stamp Competition and was
     named Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year in 1988. He
     was also the artist of the 1991 Texas Waterfowl Stamp. Smith, a
     native of Minnesota, considers his selection as the artist for the 1991
     Minnesota Duck Stamp a feather in his "duck stamp bonnet."

     Smith's concerns, however, extend beyond his artwork.
     Environmental issues have become increasingly significant to Smith,
     who has used his art to endorse and aid many conservation efforts.
     He believes in the need for a global policy regarding the world's
     natural resources. Smith says, "The ever increasing demands of
     mankind are taxing our natural ecosystems as never before. If action
     is not taken soon, we may well be faced with a global crisis that is

     Smith's global prominence in the world of wildlife art has afforded
     him the honor of creating the original artwork for several international
     programs. In 1989, he created the image for Australia's First of
     Nation Duck Stamp, which helped raise funds for the Australian
     Wetlands Conservation Project. Smith is also the creator of the
     United Kingdom's 1991 First of Nation Duck Stamp, a benefit for The
     Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, which was founded by the late Sir
     Peter Scott. Smith was also selected as the artist for the National
     Fish and Wildlife Foundation's 1991 Conservation Stamp and Print
     program.In 1991, Smith was inducted into the "US Art Hall of Fame" and he was named "Artist of the Year" at the 1997
Florida Wildlife Exp.. 

Daniel Smith is published by Millpond Press.

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